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Sky Monks
Cosmic Sky Monks
JUNOCosmic Sky Monks
Band of warriors bound together by a common goal on Stargaze and Juno blockchain. Sky Monk is a combination of two NFT collections. They are an Interchain PFP NFT actively building Atlas DAO. Sky Monks and Cosmic Sky Monks grant access to members-only benefits. Join our community and be part of this great adventure.

Road Map


  • Build Core Team
  • Establish social media Presence
  • Launch Website
  • Launch Star Monks on Stargaze
  • Partner with other Cosmos Chain NFTs
  • Spin Stargaze Validator Node
  • Distribute NFT mint Raffle
  • Q3

  • Launch Next Sky Monks Collection
  • Launch Akash Validator node
  • Hire More Developers
  • Research and Development
  • Q4

  • Launch other validator node
  • Launch a Non-profit organization
  • Launch NFT DAO
  • More Information Coming Soon...
  • FAQ

    What is Cosmic Sky Monk?
    They are Sky Monks Second Generation. Bringing the cosmic soundscape to the Cosmos. Cosmos first generative music NFT collection. The Cosmic Sky Monks are a band of warriors bound together by a common goal. They are packed with Loop tokens and amazing art.
    Where can I buy Cosmic Sky Monks?
    LOOP marketplace
    What is Sky Monks NFT?
    Sky Monks is a PFP NFT with a wide range of utilities. ​​They are the pillar of Atlas DAO.
    Why should I stake with Atlas DAO Validator when it launches?
    You will be helping Atlas DAO Nonprofit and the DAO development.
    Where can I buy Sky Monks NFT
    Stargaze marketplace.
    What is the total supply of Sky Monk NFT?

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